Jain Association of North East Florida

अर्हन्तो भगवंत ईन्द्रमहिताः सिद्धाश्र्च सिद्धिस्थिताःआचार्या जिनशासनोन्नतिकराः पूज्या उपाध्यायकाः ।श्री सिद्धान्तसुपाठका मुनिवरा रत्नत्रयाराधकाःपंचैः ते परमेष्ठिनः प्रतिदिनं कुर्वन्तु वो मंगलम् ।।Arhanto Bhagwanth Indramahita, Siddhash-cha Siddhisthata,
Acharya Jinshasano-natikara, Pujya Upadhaya-yaka|
Shri-Shridhanta-Supathka, Munivara Ratnatrayaradhka,
Panchay-te Parmestinaha, Pratidinam, Kurvantu Na Mangalam|

Upcoming Events

  • JANEF's MJK event at HSNEF 9 AM EST on Sunday 28th April 2024. Details in the flyer below

  • "Shree 108 Parshwanath Pujan" event with Guest Scholar Shree Nayanbhai Sanghvi from India on 26th May 2024 - 10:00 AM EST at HSNEF.

  • Swadhay and Pathshala followed by lunch on second and fourth Sunday of every month.


Donations to JANEF are easy, exempt from taxes, and greatly valued. Zelle to [email protected] or scan the QR code below to send donations.

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Aarti on 21st April 2024

Memories from 2024 Tirth Yatra to Tampa and Orlando Derasar

Pathshala Examination on 14th April 2024

Anand Bazaar on 30th March 2024

JANEF team catering for HSNEF’s Yagna shala opening ceremony on 6th Jan 2024

Samayik Special Swadhay on 25th Feb 2024

2024 Committee

  • President - Ajeetraj Sancheti

  • Vice-President - Vaibhav Kothari

  • Secretary - Kumar Shah

  • Treasurer - Varshil Shah

  • Education Director - Vinita Motiwala

JANEF extends heartfelt gratitude to the members who have renewed their membership for the year 2024. We are pleased to announce that the updated list of paid members in 2024 is now accessible on the webpage. You can view it by clicking on the following link: JANEF 2024 Membership ListFor your convenience, membership fees and donations can be submitted through any of the following methods:1. Zelle (Preferred) – Please use the email address [email protected] to send your payment. Remember to include a note in the payment as "Membership - <<your family name>>" . A QR code is available below to facilitate this process.2. Check – Kindly make your check payable to JANEF and hand it to Varshil Shah.3. Cash – Please deliver your cash payment directly to Varshil Shah.Your timely renewal is crucial for the continued success of our programs and initiatives. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to JANEF.


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